The techniques we use at Ultimate Strength are very important. No matter what the client’s level of training is, the technique remains the same. All movements on the specialised MedX machines are done very slowly to a cadence of 10 seconds up and then 10 seconds down. This method ensures that the training is done safely.

All clients are individually measured on each machine (it’s not one size fits all). Detailed records are kept of every single workout. This will include the date of training, how much weight is lifted on each exercise and for how long it was lifted. At Ultimate Strength clients are timed on each machine; counting repetitions is NOT an efficient way of training. The philosophy at Ultimate Strength is to challenge the body and work it to the highest level of intensity appropriate to the individual client. This way the body is stimulated to make maximum change. For speedier results it is recommended to train twice per week, but once per week is enough for good strength and good health.

  • Private one-to one coaching

    At Ultimate Strength we provide one-to-one coaching, meaning during your workout only you and your instructor will be present in the training area. No one will be able to view you while you train.

  • High Intensity Workouts

    In order for your body to make that desired change, your exercise intensity must reach a certain level before your body will respond. By training to muscular fatigue, an alarm is sent to your body that more muscle and improved metabolism are needed. At Ultimate Strength you will use a training protocol that involves lifting and lowering the weights over a 10-second time frame amounting to a total of 20 seconds per repetition. This method eliminates acceleration and momentum which keeps the muscle under continuous load.

  • Brief Workouts

    All workouts are given an hour to complete. However, due to the intensity of the training, 45 to 50 minutes is all the time you need to achieve maximum results. In every session the whole of your musculoskeletal system is worked. It is a waste of your time to spend hours in a gym performing moderately hard exercise and achieving only average results.

  • Record Keeping

    Keeping detailed records of your workout performance is very important. The records will show the dates of your workouts, how much weight you are lifting on each exercise and for how long you are able to lift it. By keeping records you will be able to monitor your progress over time.

  • Professional Supervision

    As your instructor, Yoram Sher will monitor every aspect of your workout and you will never be left unattended. Your safety and well-being is of the utmost importance. Yoram is a qualified fitness coach and sports therapist with over seventeen years of experience.

  • Specialised Equipment

    At Ultimate Strength you will use MedX and Nautilus machines. These include the specialised core spinal fitness system, comprising Core Torso Rotation, Core Lumbar Strength, Core 4-Way Neck and Core Super Stretch. You can read more about these machines and see them in action here.

  • Focused Environment

    To train properly, you will need focus and discipline. Therefore, at Ultimate Strength there will be no distractions, such as mirrors, television and music.

Core Spinal Fitness System

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I can highly recommend Mr. Yoram Sher’s skill and guidance in strength training and the essential one-to-one supervision that is the hallmark of his gymnasium, Ultimate Strength. The key to success is graded physical exercise which builds muscle strength, using equipment specifically designed to focus on and isolate the function of particular muscle groups – and thereby avoid “trick movements” – which so readily occur without one to one supervision and which, thereby, undermine progress.
Dr. Rodwin Jackson