Our clients wish to make a positive difference to their bodies, wish to see quick results, whether for medical reasons or simply to get a stronger, better looking body. The youngest client at Ultimate Strength has been 12 years old; the oldest 86.

Our clients include:

  • People who have acute or chronic back pain. The MedX Core Lumbar Extension machine at Ultimate Strength is designed specifically to strengthen the muscles responsible for acute and chronic back pain.
  • Some people train at Ultimate Strength because they wish to continue strengthening their backs on the unique Lumbar Extension machines that they were accustomed to using at Kieser gym in Camden.
  • Others come because they desire a fit, strong, toned body. Yet others, come for sports preparation or trekking expeditions.
  • Older people train because their bodies are deteriorating as a result of osteoporosis and arthritis.
  • Parents send their rugby-playing teenagers to Ultimate Strength for strength training in order to avoid serious injury during play.

We welcome referrals from GP’s and Osteopaths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being the wrong side of 60 and having read that ‘muscle strength’ wastes away the fastest I decided to go [on recommendation] to Ultimate Strength. Yoram has tailored each individual exercise with each piece of equipment so that if I don’t go to him twice a week I actually miss the ‘challenge’ of seeing if I can improve the number of ‘reps’ he sets.
Frank Harris