The Ultimate Strength gym is situated on the borders of Hampstead Garden Suburb and East Finchley. At Ultimate Strength we offer private, quiet, one-to-one sessions where under the supervision of your coach, Yoram Sher, you can undertake a high intensity workout in a distraction-free environment. Programmes are designed with the individual in mind and you will train on world-leading MedX equipment. We also have Cybex and Nautilus machines.

The videos below demonstrate the core spinal fitness system you will be training on at Ultimate Strength.

Core Spinal Fitness System

Core Torso Rotation

The MedX Core Torso Rotation machine is revolutionary in its ability to isolate waistline muscles i.e. the internal and external obliques. A restraint system effectively locks the pelvis and prevents the hip and gluteus muscles from assisting in rotation of the torso. Core Torso Rotation increases strength and flexibility right at the core of the body.

Core Super Stretch

The effects of the MedX Core Super Stretch machine can be felt immediately. One of a kind, its technology places the body into bio-mechanically advantageous positions for effective stretching. The hanging stretch, in particular, facilitates spinal decompression. The total 7 – stretch program enhances movement around the knee, hip, spine, shoulder, elbow and wrist in addition to stretching seven major muscle groups including vulnerable hamstrings and hip adductors.

Core 4-Way Neck

The MedX Core 4-Way Neck is a bio-mechanically precise machine that trains the flexion and extension muscles of the neck to allow for improved range of motion. It stretches and strengthens the cervical spinal muscles. This allows for decompression of the upper spine and promotes increased omni-directional strength and flexibility of the entire neck.

Core Lumbar Strength

Only the MedX Core Lumbar Strength machine has a patented and effective pelvic restraint system that keeps gluteus and hamstring muscles from interfering with the targeted spinal muscles. This provides isolation of the lumbar spine muscles, increases stability and allows for specific, intensive strengthening in one of the bodies most vital and vulnerable areas. Regular use may help prevent injuries, remedy chronic back pain and contribute to disc hydration.

Other Equipment

Cybex Chin / Dip Assist

The Cybex Chin / Dip Assist targets the biceps, latissimus dorsi, trapezius and forearm muscles when practising the chin up. It targets the triceps, anterior deltoid, pectoral major and minor and the serratus anterior muscles when practising the dip. These exercises are extremely difficult to do when lifting or lowering ones full body weight, especially when done at a slow cadence like at Ultimate Strength. The Cybex chin/dip assist does precisely what it says. The weight stack actually helps you to do the exercise.

Nautilus Leg Press

Seated Bicep Curl

The MedX Seated Bicep Curl targets the biceps and the forearm flexor muscles. When using free weights to do bicep curls the exercise is very much influenced by gravity and friction as one moves through the full range of motion. The MedX bicep machine uses an intelligent cam system to make sure that the proper strength curve of the muscle is achieved. While going through full range of motion on the MedX bicep curl the cam greatly reduces the influence of gravity and friction to almost zero. This machine is far superior to using free weights.

I train with Yoram because he has the exact machines for my need and he inspires me to work to my full capacity. I leave feeling totally revitalised.