Ultimate Strength is a one-to-one strength training gym in north London. The director is Yoram Sher, a qualified fitness coach and sports therapist with over seventeen years of experience. Yoram trained and qualified as a strength training coach at Kieser Training, a major Swiss company specialising in strength and muscle training with an emphasis on lower back strengthening and rehabilitation.

At Ultimate Strength we offer:

  • Private One-To-One Coaching

  • High Intensity, Super Slow Training

  • Quick Results Based Training

  • Programmes Designed For The Individual

  • World-Leading MedX Training Equipment

  • A Distraction-Free And Focused Training Environment

I have been training at Ultimate Strength for just under 4 years. I was new to the field of strength training when I joined but now I could not live without it. My goal was to completely change my body shape as despite doing a lot of cardio and losing some weight because of it I was no longer seeing changes. Through strength training I am not only stronger but I am more toned and lean and find that I am able to control my weight more easily. As a doctor I am aware that increasing your muscle mass increases your metabolic rate but never really believed it until it worked for me. I highly recommend strength training to everyone.
Nicole Corriette