I qualified as a fitness trainer and sports therapist in 1998 with Premier Training. In 1999 I trained and qualified as a strength training coach at Kieser Training, a major Swiss company specialising in strength and muscle training, with an emphasis on back strengthening. After 5 years at Kieser Training I decided to open up my own strength training gym.

Having trained hundreds of clients over the years, I know that each individual has their own unique set of characteristics, goals and limitations. We all have a desire to make progress whether it is in our health, fitness, our work and our relationships. We all want to sleep better, eat better and have more energy. At Ultimate Strength each individual will be trained to their own personal level and abilities. At Ultimate Strength you will receive one-to-one strength training with me and together we will maximise your overall genetic strength potential.

I am looking forward to hearing from you, so why not get in touch.
Yoram Sher
T: 07931 345533

I thoroughly enjoy my training with Yoram. My strength has increased and my muscles have become toned. I introduced my wife and son to Yoram and they will not miss their training for anything.
Dr Sanjeev Kanoria